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The Advantages of A Self-Catering Holiday

With the COVID-19 pandemic on everyone’s mind and almost more than half of the world stuck indoors, we know you can’t wait for your next holiday. The big question is, how will you travel after all of this is over?

Will you stay in a self-catered accommodation or book yourself in at a hotel? We have some helpful advice that may persuade you to enjoy a home from home here at The Artemis Cynthia Complex.

1. Freedom and Flexibility

In your very own holiday home you get to come and go as you please and set your own holiday timetable. You can either enjoy a relaxing or a very active break or maybe even a bit of both. With self-catering you aren’t restricted to designated meal times so you can choose to eat your breakfast at a time that suits you, whether you are an early bird or a late riser.  Want to stay and watch the sunset but worried you might miss dinner at the hotel? No stress with self-catering. 

If you’re an active type, the beach is only 15-20 minutes walk, city centre the same, the archaeological park not far either, and just outside there is bus stop, Paphos couple of golf courses, driving range, fully equipped gym, 4 outdoor swimming pools and plenty of parking space if you are renting a car are all on site . The beauty of a self catering holiday is that you can do everything at your own pace in your own space. 

2. Space

Self-catering accommodation is far more spacious than hotel rooms, so they’re ideal if you are travelling with friends or family. All our self-catered properties have a living/dining and lounge areas that everyone can enjoy together, as well as ample sized bedrooms and bathrooms which will give you privacy. If you want some fresh air without going too far, you can simply step out the back door into your very own garden/green space and if the weather allows even do some sunbathing.  Our very own contemporary apartments have large,  kit cupboards for all your gear – golf clubs, boogie boards, bicycles and beach gear.

3. Privacy

While you may well have a door sign in your hotel that says “Do Not Disturb”, if you’re looking for some proper privacy, then you’re far better off opting for self-catered accommodation over a hotel.

For couples looking for some ‘us’ time or families with young children, having peace and privacy to organise your own day in your own time behind closed doors can make life much less stressful. You can choose to hideaway in your very own Mediterranean garden or get lost on a long walk along a coastal footpath awaits from the madding crowds. All of our self-catering apartments have spacious furnished balconies so you can enjoy sunny evenings with friends and family cooking. 

4. So Many Food Options

Don’t think that a self-catered holiday means you need to slave away in the kitchen the whole time. You can eat out at a modest rate – a pasty on the beach won’t break the bank. For those who really want to take advantage of the lovely local produce and seafood Paphos has to offer, all our self-catering apartments come with fully equipped kitchens if you enjoy cooking and want to spend time perfecting your recipes. Supermarkets, bakeries and convenience stores are only 5-10 minutes walking distance from our complex.

An entire kitchen also makes it easy to manage special dietary requirements for members of your party.  We provide welcome hampers to all new arrivals to get you started with some water, tea, coffee and biscuits, otherwise, place an online shopping order from a local supermarket to coincide with your day and time of arrival. Cyprus also offers couple of apps/websites to order ready meals online (Foody and Wolt) that can be delivered to your door if you want to take out some of the stress of cooking from scratch.

Plus, Cyprus is some what considered a culinary hub so you can always treat yourself to a meal or two in some of the finest restaurant and Bars in the area.

5. Great Value

When booking self catering accommodation, it usually works out to be more cost effective than a hotel, especially if you are traveling as a family or a group. Our self-catering properties have anywhere between one and two bedrooms meaning you won’t have to pay for several individual rooms or per person as you would in a hotel. And you can split the cost of the property between everybody.

Having the option to do your own shopping and to cook your own meals ensures that you can make your holiday extremely cost effective if required. Although eating out has its benefits, it is also expensive to visit a restaurant every night. Shopping in local stores and preparing meals in the comfort of your self catering property can help save you money on your holiday, whilst still allowing you to enjoy your surroundings and the local food at your own pace.