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Temperature to reach 35°: Get ready for a hot weekend!

We’ve been dreaming and fantasizing about it all those long winter months, and as we’ve pretty much noticed summer is half-way here!

At least during the hours of the day, the temperature is pretty high and it seems like we are gradually easing into summer mode.

Well get ready for a hot weekend because the temperature is likely to reach approximately up to 35°. According to weather forecasts, the weather on Saturday will be mostly sunny with some dust noticed in the atmosphere and the temperature levels estimated to be at 35°. On Sunday, the temperature is expected to rise even more along with the levels of dust in the air.


Weather forecast by www.cyprus-weather.org

Weather forecast by www.cyprus-weather.org

One thing is definite, swimsuits will be making their debut because many people will be spending their hot weekend by the beach! It’s time to rearrange your wardrobe and have your summer clothes handy because this weekend will give us the first taste of summer 2017.

Enjoy it