Artemis Cynthia Complex – Paphos Cyprus

Roof repairs and bicycle racks.

Dear owners,

As you might know insulation methods that are used in Cyprus have a life span of 6-10 years, before they need a major fix or replace. We decided to proceed with this work just after the winter season and rainfalls stop, by getting quotations from several companies specialized in this work and to have all the roofs repaired before high heat of July and August, as it would be very difficult for people to work up there, but also before next winter. There were some properties which already had humidity problems from leaks on the roof, but this is every owners responsibility although some might own properties on lower levels than top floor and who are not affected from problems, as the roof is a communal area which all the properties had their tanks, antennas, dishes etc on.

To do so, we needed to:

  1. Clean the roofs from all the dirt, wash the existing roof insulation, and locate the problematic areas.
  2. Fix all the tanks and stop all the leaks from tanks on the roofs. (Owners who are affected will be noticed individually)
  3. Remove any hardly damaged parts of the existing insulation membrane/roll.
  4. Plaster and stabilize the problematic areas to prepare them for the new roll.
  5. Apply new asphalt roll and patches where needed.
  6. Check if the roof is water tide by pouring water.
  7. Apply silver bitumen based roof paint.

Further information:

The method we use to insulate building roofs in Cyprus from rainwater, humidity and heat is usually Asphalt roll roofing or membrane is a roofing material commonly used for buildings that feature a low sloped roof pitch.  The material is based on the same materials used in asphalt shingles; an organic felt or fiberglass mat, saturated with asphalt, and faced with granular stone aggregate. (more info)

We use 4mm thick, polyester based rolls on our buildings.

On top of this material we apply a coat of silver bitumen based roof paint, which must also from now on be refreshed every couple of years due to the extreme climate conditions we have. This material is sealing some cracks on the old roof asphalt 4mm roll, which have been created from the age, creates an extra layer of insulation around 0.5 to 1 mm, and also creates a reflection coating on the roof which reflects most of the sun for better heat insulation and energy saving during the summer.

Additionally we decided to install a bicycle rack underneath every block, to prevent guests and tenants taking their bicycles up in their apartment causing dirt and damages in the lifts and on walls of the staircases of the blocks, or locking their bicycles underneath the blocks staircases that as you also know we paid two years ago to paint the corridors and staircases and now there are several cases where the walls got marks out of people carrying their bicycles.

Your help, when noticing this incident will be needed, by either reporting it to the company or by letting your guests know. There are 5 slots for bicycles on every rack, a total of 45 slots, which are plenty for the amount of bicycle we have at the moment in the complex.