Artemis Cynthia Complex – Paphos Cyprus

Owners/Guests Vandalizing communal areas of the complex

Dear Co-Owners,

As you can see from the pictures below, the pool liner in the pool between Block D and Block G, has been vandalized last Sunday morning (09/07/2017). Mr Andreas (our complex maintenance manager) has noticed that the pool was missing a lot of water compared to the previous day, so we had to call a diver to come over and spot where is the leak coming from, as we never expected to have someone intentional vandalizing communal areas of the complex and we blamed the leak to physical damage or usage tear.

We needed to empty the pool and add patches on 6 spots that someone intentionally teared the pool liner with a knife. This work has been done in assistance of external coworker. The cost of this damage will be added to the next maintenance period bills of the complex.

This is not the first time our complex has been targeted from people looking after causing damages to the communal areas and facilities. In the past we had issues where an owner (for further information please contact us), has intentionally broken the door to the roof and the mailbox in Block C, and also was trying to break into Mr Andreas office and the other 3 store rooms and the two plant rooms of the swimming pools with a screwdriver just to cause damages, and at the end after he caused damage to all of the locks, he has inserted pieces of metal into the locks so we had to call a locksmith to come and change lock. Fortunately some other tenants have seen him, and he acknowledged the damages via email that he has sent to office saying that he has done it ‘by mistake’ because he noticed that someone was watching him. After he actions, he has been reported to the police. Against the same owner our company has taken legal action because of the communal contribution he did not paid for the last two years, and within 12 months he will have to pay whatever is outstanding, the cost of all the damages he has caused, interest, legal and court fees. He does not aknowledge that his actions are against all of the rest of the owners who have to pay for the damages every time he is visiting Paphos, as he is from Nicosia.

Funnily enough, last weekend (7/7/2017-9/7/2017), our beloved neighbor and co-owner,  was in Paphos again, but unfortunately we cannot officially blame him, as the tenant who has seen him doing something suspicious in the pool, does not want to officially confess against anyone as he has only seen his back and did not clearly saw him tearing the liner, as he was just walking home from work, but he has also has seen the same person after a few minutes leaving out from the pool on Sunday morning, once he finished ‘his work’, to Block C and using the lift he went to the 3rd floor. We do not want to blame anyone as, but we would leave the  guess to you of who is causing you extra expenses on your maintenance bills, using your pools or any other facility of the complex without paying for their contribution.

With the opportunity, we would like to let you know that, for owners who do avoid or deny to pay their communal contribution, duties or other fees, our company, has managed an agreement with LPL Commercial Investigations in UK to recover any debts from any European Citizens and at this stage we will not distribute the unpaid fees from these non-payer owners to the rest of the owners of properties in the same block until we recover them. In the near future though, all the non payer’s names, current balance and property numbers, will be published to all the other property owners in Artemis Cynthia Complex, and their balance will be distributed to all the other property owners of the specific block that the non-payers own a property. Once their debt is recovered from LPL, it will be deducted from your upcoming maintenance invoices. This is a practice we decided to adapt in order to have the rest of the owners help us against the non payers, by pushing pressure, as those non payers attitude and behavior is against the democratic contribution of expenses and our company will not indefinite sponsor any non-payer but we also would like to keep the complex at the same condition it is now and even better, rather than leaving it totally without maintenance, as this will dramatically decrease the value of the property.

Also all the owners need to understand that we all must protect, keep tidy and clean and help the rest to maintain the status of Artemis Cynthia Complex at mint condition as it is now, in order to keep the value of our properties at the levels there are and to maintain our complex in one out of the top three of Kato Paphos, and also bring to the attention of the rest of the owners, residents, tenants or guests that they must respect and take care of the communal areas and their properties for common interest.

Best Regards

Christos Tremetoushiotis

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