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October weather set new records

October saw unusually high temperatures registered all over Cyprus, with record peaks of over 40 degrees in certain areas of the island.

The Athalassa weather station recorded 40.4 degrees on October 7, the maximum temperature ever registered in October since its installation on November 1, 1982.

Likewise, the Athienou and Forestry College stations, which were established in 1978 and 1958, also registered record temperatures of 38.2 and 31.2 degrees each on October 7.

In Larnaca, the highest temperature recorded was 34.8, reached on October 9, also the highest since it was installed in 1976.

According to the meteorological department, the average daily temperature in October after collecting data from five weather stations in Athalassa, Athienou, Prodromos, Paphos and Astromeritis, was 30.4C.

The period that covering the summer, especially during July and August, but also during September, also brought three new consecutive records at the Athalassa station.
In July the average maximum daily temperature was 39.7C, for August it was 39.5C and for September 38.2C.