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O3 OlympusMan Triathlon 2018

O3 OlympusMan Triathlon 2018


Do you have what it takes to be an Olympus Man?!

OlympusMan O3 is a one of its kind in Cyprus triathlon and one of those events every hardcore triathlete must have in his/her “bucket list”!

The course runs point-to-point, from Paphos coast, through the beautiful Diarizos valley, the vineyards region and thick coniferous forests to, finally, finish on the top of the island, the Olympus peak. OlympusMan is a long day’s challenge through some of Cyprus’s most spectacular scenery.

At the beginning of November the climate of Cyprus offers excellent conditions for such an endeavor! The Mediterranean Sea water is at a perfect 21°C temperature and crystal clear. The air temperature most likely will be at around 22-25°C on the lower sections with an expected 13-14°C on Olympus peak.


109,6km total distance  |  3000m+ of total ascent  |  3 sports  |  1 target, the summit