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Kato Paphos area

The island’s capital for six centuries, Paphos (Pafos) is like an open-air museum. It is so rich in treasures that the whole town has been put on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.

Starting from the Cyprus Tourism Organisation’s Tourist Information Office in Kato Paphos (Kato Pafos) the walk takes you through the main resort part of the town. Then you stroll along the coastal promenade to the little harbour with its medieval fort, testament to Cyprus’s checkered history. Nowadays, it is a magnificent venue for an opera festival held there every summer. You then enter the archaeological park and admire the exquisite floor mosaics of the villas dating back to the Roman period and considered to be among the best in the eastern Mediterranean. You then cross the busy St Paul’s Avenue to the area known as St Paul’s Pillar. Tradition has it that this is where the apostle was tied and flogged before converting the Roman governor to Christianity. Moving up the road ahead lays the Agia Solomoni Catacomb Church, believed to have once been the synagogue of Roman Paphos. Its huge terebinth tree outside is covered with knotted handkerchiefs as offerings from the faithful.

A short distance away are the impressive under ground Tombs of the Kings, carved out of solid rock and decorated with Doric pillars. On the way back you can enjoy a relaxing visit to the aquarium.

Tomb of the kings - Kato Paphos
Tomb of the kings - Kato paphos
Paphos harbor
Paphos harbour with its medieval fort


Paphos is now included in the list of quality coastal destinations of Europe and visitors can combine a relaxing, but also safe holidays, tradition and culture, nature and clean seas.

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Polis Chrysochous Region

Stunning natural environment, friendly, laid back people, great hotels, apartments and villas for your accommodation, many restaurants, tavernas and fish restaurants for dining out, wonderful sandy beaches, many things to do, Polis region is the ideal place for those seeking active holidays in the nature.

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