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Easter in Cyprus 2018

This year the Holy Week begins on the 2nd of April (Holy Monday) and ends on the 8th of April (Easter Sunday).

Evening services take place throughout the Holy Week and traditional games are organised in many villages on Easter Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. (8, 9,10 /4/2017).

As the Services of the Holy Week coincide with Spring, the divine Passions seem to relate to the passions and resurrection of Nature and man.

Timetable of Holy Masses:

Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday, Holy Wednesday, Holy Thursday at 19:00
Holy Friday, ‘Hours of the morning’ at 07:00 and the Epitaphios at 19:00
Holy Saturday, Holy Liturgy at 19:30, the Paschal Service at 23:00 and the ‘Kalos Logos’ (GoodWord) is chanted at midnight.
Easter morning, the ‘Vespers of Love’ at 11:00.

Holy Thursday
Holy Thursday is the day of the red eggs. According to tradition on Holy Thursday eggs are dyed red (red is the color of life as well as a representation of the blood of Christ). The red egg is a symbol of victory over death. Holy Thursday evening, church services include a symbolic representation of the crucifixion.

Holy Friday
On Holy Friday at around 20:00 a procession of decorated Sepulchres takes place in all parishes.

Holy Saturday
On Holy Saturday evening, the Resurrection mass (Anastasi) takes place and at midnight, an open air mass. The Midnight service is without a doubt the most important day on the calendar. At midnight all the lights are extinguished in the church and the priest comes from behind the doors on the altar carrying a candle. People light their candles and carefully take them home lighted with the holy light of the Resurrection. A huge bonfire is lighted in the churchyard to burn Judas, the apostle who betrayed Jesus.

Easter Sunday
On Easter Sunday the smell of barbecue “souvla” will fill the air in all the island.

Enjoy Easter Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in the beautiful villages of Cyprus where traditional games are organised.

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