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Cyprus Sunshine Cup 2019

The Ultimate Mountaibike Challenge! 

Afxentia Stage Race 21-24.2 |  Amathus 3.3

The Cyprus Sunhine Cup us one of the most prestigious mountain bike race events in the world! and one of the most famous Mountain Bike Series in the UCI Calendar. Taking place every year in the early season offers mountain bikers a unique opportunity to visit Cyprus and train for the upcoming season in unparalleled climate conditions. Due to its exceptional route, the Cyprus Sunshine Cup offers the opportunity to the top bikers to sore many points in the UCI category, while giving the chance to amateur bikers to challenge their limits at the same stages.

Like last year, The Cypurs Sunshine Cup “The Challenge” will follow the first three stages of the Cyprus Sunshine Cup! “The Challenge” addresses non-UCI riders and provides the opportunity to passionate amateur mountain bikers to compete in the first three stages of Afxentia Stage Race and get ranked into their own category with a General Classification at the end. The mountain bikers can combine their holidays in Cyprus with a high quality biking event where they will be riding among the best cyclists in the world!

Facts of Cyprus Sunshine Cup 2019:

  • 5 days of mountain bike race
  • 200 racing Km of a truly demanding routes
  • Meet with more than 250 bikers from around the world
  • Excellent climate conditions
  • One of the odlest  stage race events in the UCI calendar
  • One of the most important mountainbike stage races in the world
  • Olympic & World Champions taking part
  • Ideal for professional and Non-professional MTBikers