Artemis Cynthia Complex – Paphos Cyprus

Stavros tis Psokas to Pyrgos Cycling Route

The route starts at the Stavros tis Psokas forestry station, with a short climb to the north until you reach a fork on the road. Turning right will lead you eastwards towards Kykkos, while the road to the left heads west to Pomos and Kato Pyrgos. The latter is a winding downhill road, which emerges at the military camp of Agios Georgios above the Turkish enclave of Kokkina. From there the route turns right heading east to reach the coastal road and Pyrgos after six kilometres.

Difficulty rate: Quite a easy course. It requires a road bike with at least 18 gears.
Road condition: Good quality paved road throughout.
Route Description: This excursion is another alternative from Stavros tis Psokas instead of going to the village of Panagia and Pafos. This excursion leads to Pyrgos in the Tilliria region.