Artemis Cynthia Complex – Paphos Cyprus

St Paul’s Pillar- Panayia Chrysopolitissa Church

A medieval church and pillar in Kato Paphos will travel you back in time to the early Christian heritage of Cyprus, and the struggles they endured travelling throughout the area spreading the religion.

The 13th century church of Panayia Chrysopolitissa (‘Our Lady of the Golden City’) or Ayia Kyriaki was built on the ruins of an early Byzantine basilica near the pillar of St Paul, where after his flogging, he converted the Roman governor Sergius Paulus to Christianity.

The church was originally seven-aisled, but was later reduced to five aisles. The floor of the basilica was covered with colourful mosaics, some of which are still preserved.

Following the restoration to the Church, it became used for Anglican, Lutheran, and Greek Orthodox services.