Artemis Cynthia Complex – Paphos Cyprus

Kouklia Archaeological Site

Located in the village of Kouklia, just outside Paphos and near the birthplace of the Goddess Aphrodite, are the remains one of Cyprus’ ancient kingdoms.

According to legend, Palaipaphos (Old Paphos) was founded by King Kinyras, who was the first high priest of the Sanctuary of Aphrodite. The Sanctuary dates back to the twelfth century BCE and remained a place of worship dedicated to the ancient goddess until the third and fourth centuries.  

Other significant areas of the site include the House of Leda, the northeast gate of the defensive wall, the city wall itself, the Palace of Hadji Abdulla, the Church of Panayia Katholiki, the Lusignan Manor House, the cemeteries and the Lusignan sugarcane refinery on the coast.  

Housed in a Lusignan manor, the museum exhibits many interesting finds from the area and portrays how the Cult of the Goddess of Fertility developed into the Cult of Aphrodite. The nearby fourteenth-century sugarcane refinery is also open to visitors.