Artemis Cynthia Complex – Paphos Cyprus

Half day boat trip to Blue Lagoon

The first stop is at beautiful bay called Aphrodite’s Baths where you will enjoy the magnificent beauty of the place that Goddess of Love used to take her bath. After this, we continue towards St. George’s Church and sailing through the amazing natural beauty we arrive at our next stop at the Isle of St. George, where you will be amazed by its unique beauty through our glass bottom boat. We then sail passed the unexploited beaches that dot the area towards Plaji Bay where we see the Archeological Theatre. A little further along we arrive at Manolis Bay that is famous for its sea caves. The Mediterranean One then sails to the Isle of Chamili better known as the Blue Lagoon that is known for its blue crystal waters, afterwards we arrive at Fontana Amoroza, which is fantastic site, right in the heart of the bay where nature combines the beauty of the mountains and the sea for you and all to enjoy. From here we continue the journey to the Pilo area where you can see the remains of a ship wreck; here you will be able also to relax by enjoying the Mediterranean Sun and the surrounding crystal waters.

The Mediterranean One begins its journey back giving you once again the fantastic views. We normally arrive at Latch Port at about 13:00/17:00 having spent a fantastic and unforgettable journey of discovery and beauty.

more information: http://www.akamasboattrip.com