Artemis Cynthia Complex – Paphos Cyprus

Chakra Art Gallery


A recent addition to Paphos’ art scene is Chakra Art Gallery which aims to showcase the work of local artists whilst creating a buzzing energy hub for the town. Housing a mix of artwork including mosaics, sculptures, paintings and limited edition prints, the gallery is within a vintage renovated house, staying close to local style.

Upon entering you’ll see a stunning mosaic map of Paphos, created by a community children’s’ project. Chakra Art Gallery consists of one main gallery space, a separate art room and a smaller section for workshops. The creative classes are ran by artists so if you’re interested in attending one it is recommended to get in touch beforehand.

The museum’s open all year round (except on public holidays) with free entry . Opening and closing times, as well as entrance fees may change from time to time so it’s best to check before visiting.