Artemis Cynthia Complex – Paphos Cyprus

Asprokremmos beach – AKA Yiannakis

Everyone has a different idea of paradise and at first glance a new venture in Latchi comes close. Near the Anassa hotel, the entire area is known for its natural beauty. To reach this beach you have to take the route leading to the monumental bath of Aphrodite. This beach with golden sands and tiny golden pebbles looks very vast and is an ideal beach for long walks and cozy evenings. The restaurants and bars lining the beach offer an array of mouth watering food and drinks, the town of Latchi has various resorts which offer beautiful views of the bay, the transportation of the town is very well established and you can use local buses which are at regular intervals or you can even hire taxis, close to the beach is the Akamas peninsula situated on the west side, on the eastern side of the beach is the Pomos point.