Artemis Cynthia Complex – Paphos Cyprus

2016 Annual meeting

Dear owners,

You can find further the minutes of the annual meeting of 2016 help on the 17th February 2016 regards Artemis Cynthia Complex. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Swimming Pool Liners

Work on replacing the pool liners on the four full sized pools plus the children’s pool were completed by the middle of February 2016. The fourth contribution for all owners was added to the communal expenses Q1 period (01.01.16 – 31.03.16). Once the pools were empty, it was evident that additional works needed to be carried out, and these have been done. Items such as new piping and accessories etc. have all also been done and the cost for this will be reflected in the communal expenses Q2 period (01.04.16 – 30.06.16).


It was discussed that the corridors and staircases should be re-painted and each year to keep the areas fresh and clean. The whole complex will need re-painting at some time soon, and this is something that may be arranged for 2017.

Title Deeds

The title deeds remain in the final stages prior to separation into individual owner’s names. Owners will be kept updated on any progress as and when.

Smooth Operation of the complex

The complex is generally running smoothly and comments from owners of thanks to the complex staff will be passed onto Mr Andreas and Mrs Skevi for their efforts. The trees will be trimmed and sprayed in the coming month for their well-being and in an attempt to reduce the leaves in the communal areas and swimming pools. There is a problem with surface water gathering between Blocks G and I and also B and C when it rains which is creating water marks on the outside of some of these buildings and the entrance ways. This is work that must be remedied soon.


Any Other Business

We have had a lot of positive comments following the installation of the internet service at the complex, and many owners are showing interest in connecting their apartments to the network.

We have been experiencing issues with the current insurer of the complex. If the poor service continues, it is possible that the complex insurance will be moved to another provider ensuring the best interest of all owners.

You can find pictures of the latest work carried out at the complex here.

Download here in pdf the Annual maintenance expenses breakdown for 2015

Download here in pdf the April 2016 Newsletter


Additional maintenance expenses for 2016

For your information Artemis Cynthia management team proceeded to the following maintenance work and will be added on your Communal Expenses for period (01.04.16 – 30.06.16)

  • Paving garden areas between Blocks G and I and Blocks B and C: 3,000 Euros
  • Garbage area next to entrance: 500 Euros
  • Extra work on pools (new piping on pool no.3, new accessories on all the pools, steps on stairs, drain caps etc.) 2,500 Euros
  • Communal WC accessories: 150 Euros
  • Phones in lifts have been connected with a land line and been set to call directly to OTIS 24/7 call centre as you pick up the phone. There is also an on-going monthly charge associated with this service: 500 Euros

Additional Total: 6650 Euros

Thank you for your continuing support and cooperation to enable the smooth running of the complex.

Administration and Services Team

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